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Entrance #3 (Allison Ave.)
Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1311.jpg (99338 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1212.jpg (122877 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1211.jpg (117794 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1112.jpg (173991 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1111.jpg (116579 bytes) >

Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-14.jpg (84489 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1322.jpg (104621 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1321.jpg (118903 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1222.jpg (144645 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1221.jpg (129785 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1122.jpg (132240 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-1121.jpg (122684 bytes)
Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2411.jpg (91690 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2312.jpg (117482 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2311.jpg (118396 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2212.jpg (141311 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2211.jpg (126584 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2112.jpg (110298 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2111.jpg (118188 bytes)
Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2421.jpg (68579 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2322.jpg (89076 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2321.jpg (95346 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2222.jpg (108690 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2221.jpg (90017 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2122.jpg (77109 bytes) Flagler-Estates-Plat-Map-2121.jpg (81663 bytes)

It may appear very challenging to locate some of the lots on this plat map. That's normal. I have yet to figure out mysterious reasoning behind assigning tract numbers in some areas of Flagler Estates. All I can say is if you can't find it, try harder or order3x4 ft. (yep, it's that big) printed plat map. All of the lots are on one of these maps. Unit 2 is very strait forward: numbers progress horizontally (East to West, then West to East, etc.).

Good LucK!

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