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Articles about Flagler Estates Subdivision, St Johns County, Florida covering Flagler Estates Water Control District projects, and official community news.

Flagler Estates to get economic boost with new store E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by St. Augustine Record   
With a new Dollar General store approved by the St. Johns County Commission this week, rural Flagler Estates may soon find itself with a tiny “downtown” shopping area. The commission unanimously approved rezoning 1.9 acres at County Road 13 South and Flagler Estates Boulevard to allow construction of the new store, which was also approved 6-0 by the county’s Planning and Zoning Agency on April 19.

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Bus company adds line running to Flagler Estates E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by St Augustine Record   
Driver Tom Fisher got on-the-job training Monday as Sunshine Bus Company inaugurated its Teal Line run to Flagler Estates and Hastings.

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News - Flagler Estates
Written by Jackie VanHorn   

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Several years ago St Johns County held public meetings in the Southwest quadrant of St Johns County to gather support and input, from residents, on a proposed roadway project "C.R. 305 Extension." The purpose of this project was to improve mobility and decrease vehicle miles traveled for residents residing in and around Flagler Estates. At the time, this project was favored by the residents of Flagler Estates, the City of Hastings and the surrounding communities. County staff proceeded forward in planning this project and it was included on the list of future roadway projects for St Johns County.
You ask "What is the CR 305 Extension Project and where is it to be located?" The answer: "It is a proposed 4.5 mile roadway that would extend CR 305, from CR 206 to CR 13. CR 305 would intersect with CR 13 near Smiths Farms, just west of the main entrance to Flagler Estates. The existing portion of CR 305 extends from SR 207, in Elkton, to CR 206 just 1 mile east of Southwood Elementary School".
How would this Road Project impact Flagler Estates?

Website Volunteer Editors Needed E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by FlaglerEstates.com   
Hello Everyone, We need a few people, preferably residents of Flagler Estates, with basic typing skills to sort articles to be published on the website. I want to stress the point that no particular design skills are required (if you have them, great), just basic ability to type, copy, and paste material. Anyone interested, please contact us.
Green housing possibly emerging in Flagler Estates? Here's why. E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by FlaglerEstates.com   
Flagler Estates Sustainable LivingOver the past year we  at FlaglerEstates.com have received several emails and phone calls from people interested in environment friendly and energy efficient housing. The interest ranged from people asking if there is a builder specializing in such construction to several buyers actually looking for lots to build homes using sustainable construction techniques. One of the recent recent FE forum posts: Goldmine in your backyard appears to have also sparked some interest in gardening. From all the conversations I could summarize the following reasons why Flagler Estates is considered as a good candidate for green homes:
Oliver Park E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by Walt Smith   
The discussion came up, again, about FE buying an extra lot, ajoining the existing lot. We found out, the owners are interested in selling! This would double the size of our park and maybe include a community center, from the County Parks and Rec. They appear willing to work with us. It seems clear to me, St Johns and our Commissioners, are not going to help us with a real, area park. Any way, this is the 2nd time I've tried, for FE to buy this land, but can't get any support from my partners on the board. Just a differant view! The CRA group is in total support of this, by the way. The question came up last night: Just how many people in FE, would really want to increase the park and make it better for our kids and our use? I need some input from you guys: How many people really want a better, bigger park for our use, in FE? Walt To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile. You can view the full announcement by following this link: Please Vote and Read the original post and more info here
Letter: Supports the extension of County Road 305 E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by Susan Dykstra   
Susan Dykstra
Publication Date: 11/18/07 in St Augustine Record
Editor: I'd like to voice my adamant support for the proposed County Road 305 Extension south of the intersection with State Road 206. This extension will allow more efficient access for Flagler Estates, our nearby communities of Silver Hill and Hastings proper. It will facilitate our St. Johns County emergency vehicles, including fire, ambulance and sheriff's department to react quicker. It will not only save time, fuel and energy for private citizens but also for the county school buses. Our area is one of the last great open frontiers of St. Johns County. We know progress is coming. With the proper planning and installation of the C.R. 305 Extension, we may actually place the horse before the cart. In other terms, let's install and develop this extension before development encroaches this area and creates more traffic, congestion, and less availability of land.

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